Between the Wall and the Fire

Accidental motorcycle ninjitsu. Demon fights on the bayou. Caves of wonders. Zombies. Brothers at war. A knight with the flaming sword of an archangel. Action, adventure, true love, and chocolate. One of these stories is even true.

A collection of superversive science fiction and fantasy stories celebrating devotion to family, including the stories:

  • “Edge”
  • “Soul Food”
  • “A Ruby for Dyree” – a Treasures of Dodrazeb tale
  • “On the Bayou’s Edge”
  • “Second Home, Second Chances”
  • “Kingdoms of Magic”
  • “Brotherly Envy” – a Treasures of Dodrazeb tale
  • “Henbit and Clovers”
  • “Knight of the Changeling” – a Tale of Peter Bishop
  • “Negev”
  • “Life Began at Thirty-Three”

Between the Wall and the Fire, an anthology by Russell Newquist, Ray Blank, Verne Luvall, S.D. McPhail, Morgon Newquist, and Joshua M. Young.

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