Morgon Newquist

profile1Morgon Newquist started life in the state of Louisiana, when her father drove her mother across the state line to avoid having Mississippi on her birth certificate. She grew up in the Huntsville, Alabama area and now lives in a sunny brick house with her husband, three children, and three dogs, too many of which have names that start with the letter “S”. After a stint in Athens, GA to attend the University of Georgia to study Latin, she has returned to the place of her upbringing.

She has always loved sci-fi and fantasy in its various forms. When she was eight years old she cheated on a multiplication memorization test her parents were giving her to ensure that she would get a high enough score to be able to go see Return of the Jedi: Special Edition in theaters with her dad.

Morgon has worked as a freelance writer off and on since 2007, and written for video game mythologies, table top RPGs, online game guides, and blogs as well as her own short works. She also runs Ever After Videography, and spends most of her time chasing after little boys in Batman costumes and a little girl in Cinderella dresses. When not doing those things, she teaches Karate to preschoolers, reads, plays games, and studies history.


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The School of Spells & War


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Wishing Only Wounds the Heart

Wishing Only Wounds the Heart