Ghost of the Frost Giant King

Ghost of the Frost Giant King

Ghost of the Frost Giant King

On a continent where only the southern-most tip sees all four seasons and gods still freely roam among men, the giants are awakening from their long slumber in the mountains. As towns along the great Thorsa River are destroyed, political relations between the two human nations, Jötunheim and Midgard, are more strained than ever. War is coming in the lands of men as autumn comes to an end. With the coming of the winter winds, the Frost Giants will be-come more powerful and feared than before. A party of adventurers sets forth to find a legendary horn that is rumored to weaken all giants in the area of its trumpet. They will climb deep into the mountains in an effort to drive back the giants before they wage war on all of Thrúdheim — and its gods as well.

Available March 15, 2015


  • A gripping adventure story in a custom D20 campaign setting
  • 4 side quests.
  • 8 Player Characters with full stats, character portraits and background information
  • 11 Non-Player Characters
  • 10 Creatures
  • 1 Player Handout
  • 3 Maps

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