The Cinder Witch

Months ago, Alis joined with her new friend Cahan to fight a dragon beneath the School of Spells and War. Now she fights something altogether different: fame. Worse, her newfound notoriety has resulted in a mission to the far north. As if it weren’t bad enough that it’s so cold, she also finds herself in a tiny village whose residents innately distrust spellcasters of all kinds. Yet they tolerate her because she comes with Cahan – and because something is stealing their children. Can Alis and Cahan save them?

The School of Spells & War is an ongoing collection of old fashioned sword-and-sorcery adventure stories following a wizard and warrior duo as they galavant across the continent of Thillon. Good-humored, powerful warrior Cahan and intelligent, skilled wizard Alis work together to serve their university. Together they battle dragons, investigate plots against the king, and hunt witches. Meanwhile, they must deal with the ongoing threat of the ancient and mysterious Formless.

The Cinder Witch by Morgon Newquist
Cover by Jennifer L Weir

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