Silver Empire Publishing to Re-release Novel From Dragon Award Nominated Author


A Pius Man, by Dragon Award nominee Declan Finn, set for re-release on July 1, 2017.

HARVEST, Ala. (June 4, 2016) – From vampire horror to satire to science fiction, Declan Finn’s imagination has brought no end of excitement to life for his readers. Now the noteworthy Dragon Award nominated author of Honor at Stake is teaming with Silver Empire Publishing to bring his thriller novel, A Pius Man, to new readers. The book returns to circulation in both eBook and paperback formats on July 1, 2017.

A political and religious thriller in the vein of a more historically accurate Dan Brown, A Pius Man takes readers on an action packed romp through the innards of Rome and the Vatican. The tale follows the adventures of Sean A.P. Ryan – stuntman, martial artist, security consultant, and all around badass – and Scott “Mossad” Murphy, among others, as they unravel a conspiracy designed to undermine the new pope and even bring down the Catholic Church itself.

"We can't wait to get this book in front of new readers," said Russell Newquist, CEO of Silver Empire Publishing. "We've spent the last six months polishing it and we can't wait to see the reaction, both from Declan's old fans and new readers."

Declan Finn lives in a part of New York City unreachable by bus or subway. Who’s Who has no record of him, his family, or his education. You can find his ramblings over at The Catholic Geeks and his rantings on writing at But to hear him really rant and rave, check out his interview show at The Catholic Geek podcast, over at Blog Talk Radio.

A Pius Man will is available now for pre-order directly from Silver Empire in both print and e-book formats. Readers can find it at the Silver Empire online store at The eBook will be available for pre-order from on Saturday, June 24, 2017. The paperback will be available to order on and other online bookstores on July, 1, 2017. Silver Empire is offering special bonus deals to readers who pre-order the book directly from the publisher.

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