Philip Ligon’s Dragon Con Schedule

Only two days until Russell and I take off for the great city of Atlanta for this year’s Dragon Con! Wooohooo!

Silver Empire Author Philip Ligon is a last-minute addition to the official schedule because his Young Adult novel has been nominated for a 2019 Dragon Award!

If you want to see him at the convention, here is his schedule:

Title: Dragon Awards Ceremonies
Time: Sun 05:30 pm Location: Centennial I – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
Description: Presentation of the 2019 Dragon Awards in 15 categories! Who will you choose as the fan favorites this year? Come & find out the results!
Panelists: Pat Henry(M), Bill Fawcett, Dr. Charles E. Gannon(M), Tim Powers, George Pérez, Mike Capps, Cat Rambo, Larry Niven, Brandon Sanderson, Katherine Kurtz, David Weber, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, John & Emily Goodwin, Chris Kennedy, Mark H Wandrey, S.M. Stirling, Timothy Zahn, Eric Flint, Aaron Crash, Peter David, David Blue, Philip Ligon, Claudia Gray, Brad R Torgersen

Don’t forget to vote in the Dragon Awards! You can get a copy of Philip’s award-nominated book, The King’s Regret, at our web store or on Amazon.

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