Silver Empire to Publish The Hidden Truth

Huntsville, AL January 9, 2020 — Today, Silver Empire, publisher of heroic, wondrous, adventure fiction, and Hans G. Schantz, author of The Hidden Truth series, jointly announced that Silver Empire will publish all three books of The Hidden Truth in both paperback and hardcover, offering them through Silver Empire’s online store at a substantial discount below Amazon prices.

“We’re delighted we can now make Dr. Schantz’s contemporary alternate history adventures available to a broader audience,” Russell Newquist, Co-founder and Publisher at Silver Empire confirmed.

Dr. Schantz, an inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur brings a wealth of real-world experience to his story-telling. “I was surprised that some of my recent electromagnetic discoveries hadn’t been identified over a hundred years ago. I realized it would make a great story to imagine that they had been discovered but were suppressed by an evil conspiracy – a cabal that even now works behind the scenes to change the past, control the present, and rule the future.”

Silver Empire found Dr. Schantz’s creative cross-genre story telling particularly compelling. “The Hidden Truth is almost in a blended genre of its own,” Newquist acknowledged. “Part young-adult adventure, part contemporary alternate history, part conspiracy thriller, part science fiction with hard science, The Hidden Truth books appeal to a broad audience fascinated by original story-telling and innovative perspectives on science, history, and today’s political, cultural, and current events. We’re pleased to have Hans on our team.”

Schantz is the most recent in a high-powered collection of emerging indie authors to write under the Silver Empire label. Silver Empire publishes Jon del Arroz, author of the best-selling Saga of the Nano Templar, Declan Finn’s St. Tommy, NYPD, as well as the latest in Daniel Humphrey’s Z-Day Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thrillers. Silver Empire makes all these authors’ work available in both paperback and in hardcover – an option unavailable through traditional self-publishing channels.

“It’s an honor to now be affiliated with Silver Empire and to support Russell’s effort to create alternative distribution channels for top indie authors,” Dr. Schantz agrees.

His next short story, “Timeline Zulu,” is a crossover between the Hidden Truth universe and Daniel Humphrey’s Z-Day Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thrillers. The story appears in Silver Empire’s Places Beyond the Wild Anthology with contributions from Travis J.I. Corcoran, Declan Finn, P.A. Piatt, Jon del Arroz, J.M. Anjewierden, Bokerah Brumley, Richard Paolinelli, J.D. Beckwith, and of course Daniel Humphreys.

Russell Newquist

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