Silver Empire to Publish Science Fiction Grandmaster John C. Wright

Huntsville, AL January 24, 2020 — Today, Silver Empire, publisher of heroic, wondrous, adventure fiction, and science fiction grandmaster John C. Wright jointly announced that Silver Empire will be republishing multiple titles from Mr. Wright’s back catalog and new, yet to be announced titles in the future.

“John C. Wright is one of the greatest living science fiction authors, and I’m incredibly excited to be publishing his works,” Russell Newquist, Co-founder and Publisher at Silver Empire confirmed.

Mr. Wright has distinguished himself over his illustrious career with a 2016 Dragon Award for best science fiction novel, a 2017 Dragon Award nomination for Swan Knight’s Son, and five Hugo Award nominations in 2015.

Silver Empire found Mr. Wright’s action packed Catholic science fiction to be a particularly compelling match with their other works from authors such as Declan Finn, Jon Del Arroz, and Russell Newquist. “If we call Declan Finn the father of badass Christian fiction, then John C. Wright has to be its godfather,” Newquist noted.

Wright is the most recent in a high-powered collection of emerging indie authors to write under the Silver Empire label. Silver Empire publishes Jon del Arroz, author of the best-selling Saga of the Nano Templar, Declan Finn’s St. Tommy, NYPD, as well as the latest in Daniel Humphrey’s Z-Day Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thrillers. Silver Empire makes all these authors’ work available in both paperback and in hardcover – an option unavailable through traditional self-publishing channels.

Silver Empire will be publishing Dragon Award winning science fiction novel Somewhither, along with its sequel Nowhither, the anthology A Book of Feasts and Seasons, novella One Bright Star to Guide Them, and other works to be announced.

Russell Newquist

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  1. Daniel Tapp says:

    I’m glad to see this enormous talent come in for a smooth landing at a worthy publishing house.

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