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Realism and grittiness in fiction are great. They add depth to the story and can help immerse you in the world. It's easier to relate to characters with flaws and easier to believe in a world that gets a little dirty, just like ours. And nobody wants to read about the infamous "Mary Sue" and her wonderful adventures of being "Little Miss Perfect."

But do you ever miss reading about heroes who are actually, well, heroic? Do you ever feel like maybe you'd like to see a little bit of beauty along with those warts? Mary Sues are boring, but maybe it's fun to read about someone who's actually competent - or at least tries. And do you ever tire of worlds that are maybe a bit too realistic, and dream of once more visiting fantastic and wondrous places?

What Our Readers Say...

Kai Wai Cheah Hugo Award Nominated Author

A High Octane Thriller

A slow-burn mystery that explodes into a high-octane thriller.

Jon Del Arroz Author of "For Steam and Country"

Impossible to put down

Once the plot explodes, it’s impossible to put down.

The Journey of Silver Empire

We founded Silver Empire in 2014 to find and publish the best heroic, wondrous adventure fiction out there. Like you, we wanted stories that still showcased heroism. And we like fiction that dares to show us wonders we've never imagined.

In 2015 we published our first anthology, Make Death Proud to Take Us.​ In 2016, S.D. McPhail joined us. Her debut novel, Treasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin Key became the first novel to bear the Silver Empire seal. In 2017 we have two new anthologies, two novels, and more joining our lineup.

We also launched the most innovative new Short Fiction service around, Lyonesse.​ Stay tuned for more as we enter into the next phase of our journey!

16 Authors
3 Novels
2 Anthologies
34 Short Stories

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