Thomas Plutarch


I was there from the beginning. When the Event happened and the Primes first came, the wave hit me, too. I didn’t realize it at first. My own powers developed slowly, and they were never any good for combat. Yes, I tried my own hand at heroing. But let’s not talk about that.

Superhuman memory – truly perfect recall – doesn’t help much in a fight. But it did let me piece it all together, to figure out what really happened.

It took me a while to find the perfect authors to help me tell the tales. They had to be told right – because Lord knows nobody else ever did.

Achilles, The Banshee, and Pendragon. You know the names, but you don’t know the story. You only think you do. The government has some explaining to do when it comes to Matthew White and Jason Vermilion. But that’s nothing compared to the story on Adam Song. Hah, what a crock you’ve been fed there. Joe “Overlook” Smith? They tried to bury that story deeper than the truth about JFK. And Deckard Riss? That tale will keep you up all night – and tomorrow night, too. Some things, maybe you don’t want to know.

But I know. I remember them all. That’s why they call me The Historian.