Silver Empire Author Russell Newquist

Russell is a high school dropout who somehow still graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2000 with a BA in Philosophy. At one point he had to explain to a professor why he had to miss class to take the GED exam.

Naturally, he began a career as a computer programmer. Later, he went on to earn a MS in Computer Science. Somewhere along the way he earned a black belt, and then added a few stripes to it and opened his own dojo. Because he never does anything the easy way, he started publishing company Silver Empire and has written some stories and even a novel or two. People seem to like them, so he'll probably write some more.

He lives in north Alabama with his wife Morgon, four kids and two dogs. They share a house that still manages to have more computing devices than living beings. He attends a Roman Catholic church, continues to run his dojo, and works for a small software company.

Author of The World of Peter Bishop


Book One of The Prodigal Son

It is through suffering that the soul is purified.

Every soldier brings demons home from war. But when Sergeant Michael Alexander came home from Afghanistan, his demons kidnapped local college girls. Now Michael must stop the reign of terror with the help of his dead fiancé's father, a strange band of Europeans, and his friend Peter Bishop.

Coming August 1, 2017!


Peter Bishop's thrilling origin story!

The Tales of Peter Bishop

Short Stories and Novellas

Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Little Johnny isn't afraid of the dark. Big boys aren't afraid of the dark - and at five, Little Johnny is a big boy. No, he isn't afraid of the dark. He's afraid of the things that come out in the dark - skittering, dark things - and of what they might do to his baby sister. But his parents don't believe him - so it's up to Johnny to keep her safe, armed only with his toy sword and shield.

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Knight of the Changeling

After the baptism of Cassidy Virginia Rebecca Riley went horribly wrong, Father Cohen did what any good priest would do. He called Peter Bishop, Knight of the Sword of the Archangel Michael, for help. Before long, Peter found himself trekking through the land of the Fae with the girl's estranged parents and a changeling in tow, searching for a lost baby in a magical land.

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