“Don’t tell a vampire ’Bite me.’”

An excerpt from Honor At Stake by Declan FinnMarco stared at her and said, “What’s wrong? Are you all right?” Amanda smiled weakly. “What makes you ask?” He took her arm and led her inside. “The guys on station in Astoria called in to tell me that you showed up to Lily’s house. Vega called me directly. However, [read more…]

But nobody argues with a half-orc to his face, if you know what I mean.

Edge by Russell Newquist​My motorcycle hung, thirty feet up the side of a brick wall, suspended only by luck and willpower – which is about how I managed to hold onto the katana, too. Motorcycles are different from cars. Cars, by their nature, want to stay upright. If you leave a car alone, it’ll stay upright. [read more…]

“You magically Xeroxed your boyfriend and turned him into a moron?”

An excerpt from Fade by Daniel Humphreys ​ As good times went, I had to say that getting knocked out was not in any way an enjoyable experience. As I slowly returned to consciousness, the painful throbbing of my head competed with a tugging sensation on each wrist to see who would win the contest of [read more…]

Of all the foolish acts, Ash…you are charging a dragon?

An excerpt from This Strange Engine by Philip Ligon ​“Are you mad?” I asked as I tried to pry him off. And in that second, that seemingly insignificant moment of time, something sharp raked across my back.  It burned like a hot poker pressed hard against my skin.  I turned and saw a long shadow [read more…]

Honor at Stake – Chapter One

A sample chapter from Honor at Stake – the Dragon Award nominated horror-romance novel from Declan Finn! Available now on Amazon.com. Chapter One: Love at First Bite September 22, Hudson University, New York City Amanda Colt looked across the college classroom and hesitated. Something was off. Something in the room felt extremely threatening. Amanda thought she [read more…]

Secret Stairs

I first posted our call for submissions for Silver Empire’s “Stairs in the Woods” anthology nearly two years ago. Several events transpired behind the scenes that caused us to delay the initial release. And then something crazy happened… The submission page went viral. That was kind of strange, but it happened. And we ended up [read more…]

#FirstDayFirstPage February 2018 Roundup

I think our first #FirstDayFirstPage was a success! Most of the activity was on Twitter.  Click here to go to the Twitter moment with all the posts in that hashtag from that day! Here are a couple of the highlights: On Twitter, Author Hans Schantz posted the first page of his alternate history thriller, A [read more…]

The Inaugural FirstDayFirstPage

Good morning and welcome to February! Silver Empire is excited to announce that on the first day of every month we’re going to host a hashtag called #FirstDayFirstPage. In it all kinds of authors (not just ours!) will be posting the first page of their novels for readers to check out. It’s a great way [read more…]

Silver Empire Publishing to Re-release Novel From Dragon Award Nominated Author

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Russell Newquist, Publisher256.258.8554russell@silverempire.orgfacebook.com/SilverEmpire@SilverEmpirePubhttps://silverempire.org/ SILVER EMPIRE PUBLISHING TO RE-RELEASE NOVEL FROM DRAGON AWARD NOMINATED AUTHOR A Pius Man, by Dragon Award nominee Declan Finn, set for re-release on July 1, 2017. HARVEST, Ala. (June 4, 2016) – From vampire horror to satire to science fiction, Declan Finn’s imagination has brought no end [read more…]

Dragon Award Nominated Author Signs Five Book Deal

HARVEST, Ala. (November 7, 2016) – From vampire horror to satire to science fiction, Declan Finn’s imagination has brought no end of excitement to life for his readers. Now the noteworthy Dragon Award nominated author of Honor at Stake is teaming with Silver Empire Publishing to bring his thriller series, The Pius Trilogy, to new readers. The five book deal includes the original Pius Trilogy – A Pius Man, A Pius Legacy, and A Pius Stand. It also includes Pius Tales, a collection of short stories feature characters from the Pius Trilogy, and Pius History, a non-fiction account of the actual history behind the series.