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Silver Empire to Publish Science Fiction Grandmaster John C. Wright

Huntsville, AL January 24, 2020 — Today, Silver Empire, publisher of heroic, wondrous, adventure fiction, and science fiction grandmaster John C. Wright jointly announced that Silver Empire will be republishing multiple titles from Mr. Wright’s back catalog and new, yet to be announced titles in the future. “John C. Wright is one of the greatest [read more…]

I couldn’t stop Hannah’s murder.

An excerpt from Woe for a Faerie by Bokerah BrumleyAilin   New Haven City   I couldn’t stop Hannah’s murder. Transforming took too long, and I already knew I wouldn’t arrive in time to save the little girl from her attacker. “Help me, Ailin,” she screeched, reaching across realms with her mind. “He’s killing me. I can’t breathe. His [read more…]

“Have you seen my Dyree? I have a ruby for her. This is the ruby she wanted.”

A Ruby for Dyree, A Dodrazeb Short Story by S.D. McPhailAfter weeks of walking, only a few stale crusts of bread remained. Rel yawned and crawled out from the rocky overhang. He slung the nearly empty sack over his shoulder and headed toward bushes near the river looking for anything edible. Dyree had stuffed as [read more…]