It is through suffering that the soul is purified.

Post Traumatic Stress
An urban fantasy thriller from Russell Newquist
  • Mystery and intrigue. Who - or what - followed Sergeant Michael Alexander home from Afghanistan? And why are college girls suddenly disappearing?
  • Action and adventure. Michael must face the threat with a ragtag band of his college friends - and an ancient order chartered by the Vatican to fight evil.
  • Demonic enemies and holy allies. The team faces a yellow nosed demon, zombies, and even a dragon - but they also have the sword of an Archangel!

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About the Author: Russell Newquist

Russell is a high school dropout who somehow still graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2000 with a BA in Philosophy. At one point he had to explain to a professor why he had to miss class to take the GED exam.

Naturally, he began a career as a computer programmer. Later, he went on to earn a MS in Computer Science. Somewhere along the way he earned a black belt, and then added a few stripes to it and opened his own dojo. Because he never does anything the easy way, he started publishing company Silver Empire and has written some stories and even a novel or two. People seem to like them, so he'll probably write some more.

He lives in north Alabama with his wife Morgon, four kids and two dogs. They share a house that still manages to have more computing devices than living beings. He attends a Roman Catholic church, continues to run his dojo, and works for a small software company.

What readers say

Kai Wai Cheah Hugo Award Nominated Author

A High Octane Thriller

A slow-burn mystery that explodes into a high-octane thriller.

Daniel Humphreys Author of A PLACE OUTSIDE THE WILD

Roller Coaster Thrill Ride

Post Traumatic Stress is a roller coaster thrill ride. It hooks you, clicks up to the peak, then sends you screaming all the way down. Masterfully done.

Jon Del Arroz Author of "For Steam and Country"

Impossible to put down

Once the plot explodes, it’s impossible to put down.

Demons, dragons, and the sword of an Archangel -
Post Traumatic Stress has it all.

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