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Perfectly targeted toward fans of
Lee Child's ​Jack Reacher series!

What is a viral newsletter builder?

​Jack Reacher viral newsletter builder

Are ​thriller fans the perfect target audience for your books? Silver Empire is sponsoring a giveaway for the ultimate ​Jack Reacher prize pack with some of our favorite self published and small press authors - including you! Our intensive newsletter builder is designed to specifically target fans of this ​thriller series who actually read independent authors! You'll have to do a bit of work for it, but it'll only take 9 days to add 4,000+ subscribers!

Want to grow your social media following, too?

Your first social media add-on is free - but you can add up to two more for only $10 each!

But there are some rules!

Wait, what? Rules?

Yup. You're joining a team effort, and you're expected to pull your share.

All participating authors must agree to the following rules:

  • You must agree to like, share, and comment on the Facebook ad we use for this giveaway.
  • check
    You must join the designated Facebook group for coordination purposes. We have to be able to interact with you during the course of the builder. It's that simple.
  • check
    If you don't follow the rules, you will not receive the final e-mail list and you will not receive a refund!
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    There is NO requirement to have your own existing newsletter, or to announce this giveaway to your existing newsletter.

When will this run?

This builder will run as soon as practical after we receive at least 15 participating authors.

What does my payment cover?

Your payment pays for your share of the prizes and all advertising costs to help advertise the giveaway.

Is this GDPR compliant?

On our side, the answer is a simple yes!

If you follow some simple steps on your side once you receive the final e-mail list, then you'll be fine, too. 

We'll provide you with some helpful instructions at the end of the builder.
See our FAQ for more information.

This builder is filling up!

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  • 4,000+ Newsletter Subscribers!
  • 300-500 new followers for one social media account!


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  • 4,000+ Newsletter Subscribers!
  • 300-500 new followers for two social media accounts!


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  • 4,000+ Newsletter Subscribers!
  • 300-500 new followers for three social media accounts!


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