A Midsummer’s Party

A Tale of the School of Spells & War - 2


The Formless are roving the land, unleashing untold havoc. But today, Alis must deal with a bigger problem. It’s Cahan’s birthday, and she’s figured out the perfect gift for him. But it means breaking the rules. The things she does for her friends…

The School of Spells & War is an ongoing collection of old fashioned sword-and-sorcery adventure stories following a wizard and warrior duo as they galavant across the continent of Thillon. Good-humored, powerful warrior Cahan and intelligent, skilled wizard Alis work together to serve their university, the school of spells and war, by battling dragons, investigating plots against the king, hunting witches, and dealing with the ongoing threat of the ancient and mysterious Formless.

Written by Morgon Newquist

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