A Quiet War

Sanctum Book 2

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A Quiet War
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No way but forward into the starless, lightless unknown.

Ex-Marine Mavurama has defied the Empire and the laws of the galaxy and leapt into the dead space of the universe. He and his soldiers are finally out of the Empire’s grasp.

But they may have traded one kind of danger for another as the endless darkness isn’t quite as empty as they thought.

An unfathomable alien force knows Mavurama and his ship have entered the dead space. And it doesn’t want them there. Encoded drone footage, tech malfunctions, and even scrambling the brains of his men, it makes its hostility known.

Is this life better than the one they had on the run from the Empire? Do they push farther into the unknown, or turn tail and run?

Back in the known universe, Captain Ruvuma is hunting the genetically enhanced marines down to the last man. They’re mobilizing on the rim of the galaxy –  the most murderous, ruthless and inhuman of them all. None of them as honorable and principled as Mavurama. Delighting in death and slaughter, they want their ticket to freedom too.

Mavurama made the jump. They can too. If Ruvuma doesn’t catch them now, they’ll be out of the Empire’s reach forever. And she will finally have to face the Emperor with her failure.

What awaits Mavurama and his crew in the empty reaches of space? A new beginning, or a horrific death?

And will the rest of the murderous, genetically engineered rogue marines manage to make the jump to join them? Read A Quiet War today and find out!

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  1. Fiannawolf (verified owner)

    Stuff like this shouldn’t go unnoticed. It has everything you could ever want out of military sci fi or even space opera. Interesting characters, cosmic societies on the brink, a sprinkling of Underworld, if you can believe it. Not too many books out there add Vampires and Werewolves in Space.

    Don’t sleep on this series, I know I wont. That’s for sure.

    Fiannawolf (Who still needs to transfer more of her reviews from amazon to here.)

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