Sanctum Book 3

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To find peace, he must face the Empire one last time.

A home of their very own in the farthest reaches of the universe. A place where they won’t have to look over their shoulders and live like trapped animals. That’s what the aliens ruling the Dead Space have promised Mavurama and his genetically engineered ex-marines.

But it comes at a price.

The Emperor has broken their ancient treaty and sent a fleet after Mavurama and his men. He won’t be humiliated by their escape. Now the aliens want Mavurama to send him a message:

Enter the Dead Space and you face annihilation.

Mavurama doesn’t want to go to war with the empire he’s tried to escape for so long. But the chance of finally finding peace is too much to pass up. And when an alien race that can rip planets out of space orders you to fight for your new world, you don’t tell them no.

Can the combined might of all the outlaw space marines drive back the Empire? Or will they all perish trying to claim their own corner of the universe? Read the final book of the Sanctum series today and find out.

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