Blood Brothers

Sanctum Book 1

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Blood Brothers
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Blood and Flesh Required.

Rising Star Captain Janet Ruvuma doesn’t know failure.

Except in capturing Mavurama, the leader of a group of rogue, genetically engineered ex-marines. Every time she springs the trap, he slips through her fingers. Five years of pursuit and still he eludes her. The Emperor is out of patience. Ruvuma has to catch him, dead or alive, or she will taste defeat for the first time.

Mavurama desires only peace and quiet. The Emperor made him and his men what they are. He fought for the Emperor. He won the war for the Emperor. Now he wants to retire. But the Empire won’t allow it, and Mavurama will do whatever it takes to claim his peace. Even escape beyond the edge of the known galaxy.

Ruvuma and Mavurama play a cat and mouse game that stretches across the universe. But Mavurama can’t hide forever. He needs blood, and lots of it, to take with him on his trip into the unknown. Ruvuma can’t let him go. She’ll bring the fury of the empire to bear on him and his soldiers before she lets him disappear.

African Author Nos Jondi bursts onto the speculative fiction scene with his tale of mythic creatures in space, full of colorful characters and wild distant worlds that occupy the furthest reaches of space.

Will Ruvuma conquer her greatest enemy? Or will Mavurama manage to take the suicidal leap into the Dead Space of the universe first? Read BLOOD BROTHERS today to find out!

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  1. tjamarquis (verified owner)

    Nos Jondi quickly establishes a compelling world that I wasn’t expecting, even considering the title.
    His prose is engaging and effective, and character dialog is believable. Descriptions are good, not overdone, and the world is revealed efficiently over the course of the narrative.
    While I liked the premise very much – the government created monsters to solve a wartime problem, and now have rogue monsters on their hands (stupid politicians) – the early chapter had me expecting to follow Mavurama’s group much more closely and witness in gritty detail their plan for freedom and all the ways in which they were in fact Blood Brothers.
    Instead we jump around between various small groups, in large part those who are plotting the hunt or actively chasing our Brothers down, which made for a very different kind of story than I feel the first chapter was hinting at.
    This is where, while the story was more than readable, I got lost in the dissonance between what I wanted to read and what was before me.
    To be fair, as an author I probably have far more specific desires in this area, but I mention it anyway for posterity.
    At risk of playing editor with a book that was otherwise crafted well, I would say that the premise would have been better served by one of two options:
    1. A military SF tale that follows only Mavurama’s group and thus allows us to identify with them and ache for their plight.
    2. An SF horror piece in which the political elites and their military tremble at the mystery of what the monsters will do next. Shadows, tight spaces, sweat, tears, and lots of blood.

    All that said I respect the piece for what it is and I’m sure many people will enjoy it.
    So to break down:
    Craft – 4/5
    Premise – 5/5
    Narrative – 3/5

    I will be interested to see what direction Mr. Jondi takes book two!

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