Brotherly Envy

A Treasures of Dodrazeb Tale


Vestanji lives under daily torment from his older brother Teb. Teb is talented, gifted, and loved by all. He’s so… perfect. Vestanji is none of those things.

Or so he thinks. The venerable sage Narumeset disagrees. He thinks Vestanji hides a secret gift – even from himself!

The Treasures of Dodrazeb chronicles the sword-and-science adventures of Persian warrior-prince Rasteem when he discovers a secretive kingdom inhabited by descendants of an ancient, scholarly society hiding powerful technology.

Peacefully hidden in a remote valley for millennia, Dodrazebbians are the guardians of advanced science that the rest of the third-century world mistakes for evil magic. Understanding that their strange and wondrous technology has potentially sinister applications, Rasteem chooses to protect Dodrazeb’s secrets in order to protect the Persian Empire from villains who would use it to conquer and destroy.

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