Battlestar Galactica Viral Listbuilder


Battlestar Galactica Viral Listbuilder

Here’s how it works:

We get 15-25 authors together who all share the same target audience. Everyone joins together and chips a little bit of the money into the pot to cover $200-250 worth of awesome prizes that the fans will love, and we set up a contest. To enter, contestants must agree to subscribe to everyone’s e-mail newsletters. One lucky winner will win the whole prize pack. After we pay for prizes, the rest of the money is set aside to cover ads to promote the contest.

Bonus: add your social media account to the list and contestants can earn extra entries by following you! Our social builder add-ons typically result in 100-300 new followers. Your first social builder is free – add up to two more for only $10 each.

This builder is run using ads only. There is no requirement to share it to your existing newsletter, or even to have an existing newsletter!

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