Come, Seeling Night

Paxton Locke Book 3

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Come, Seeling Night
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Paxton Locke’s been in some pretty tight spaces before. This one might be the worst.

Drugged and shipped to who-knows-where on an airplane, he’s locked up by men who seem to be Feds. But they haven’t given him his phone call, and Pax isn’t sure if his cell mates are even human.

This is one cell he can’t get out of, but he’s got to find a way to escape. Mother has his girlfriend, and she wants a redo of the night she killed Paxton’s father. But this time she won’t be interrupted. Paxton’s got to find Cassie, and he’s got to stop his mother.

Or the world might end.

Apocalyptic visions from Mother’s grimoire have haunted him for years. Now she’s close to making it happen. And all Paxton can do is wait in his cell for someone to realize he’s not the bad guy.

Can Paxton escape his magical prison and stop Mother? Or will he be too late, and lose Cassie just like he lost his dad?

The third installment of the Paxton Locke series delves deeper into the meaning of love and forgiveness, while providing plenty of action, magic, and Humphreys’ signature subtle horror.

Will Mother bring about a world on fire, or a dead Earth? Can Paxton defeat her? Find out and read Come Seeling Night today!

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Daniel Humphreys

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  1. Cathy Thibeault (verified owner)

    Absolutely no problems.

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  2. Benjamin I. Espen (verified owner)

    After thwarting Tlaloc in the last volume, Paxton Locke now needs to retrieve his girlfriend from his mother’s clutches. The only problem is he’s in top-secret need-to-know magician jail until Division M figures out what to do with him. Of course, hilarity ensues. You shouldn’t expect any less.

    While there are clearly more books to come in the Paxton Locke series, this volume also just as clearly wraps up the major sequence of events started by his mother’s coven in volume 1. It also functions as Paxton’s initiation into manhood.

    The rite of passage by which a boy becomes a man is nearly a universal feature of human cultures. Ours doesn’t consciously retain it, but the structure of the rite of passage is something that resides deep in anthropology. First, the boy must be separated from his former life. Paxton’s mom did an effective job of that by ritually murdering his father and then going to prison. Next comes the period of preparation, when the boy learns the mysteries of his people and endures feats of pain. Once this is complete, the boy can be then be re-integrated into the community, with both a new status and new responsibilities.

    I sure wouldn’t want to do it the way Paxton did, but at least he got to punch evil in the face along the way. While this is very much a story as old as time, it also is not the end. I appreciate that having reached the cusp of manhood and finding a new home, Paxton’s story will go on. As remarkable as his adventures have been already, I think Paxton is due for more adventures.

    I received this book from the publisher for free.

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  3. declanfinninc (verified owner)

    What families don’t have their little problems?

    Paxton Lock is back, and payback can be a mutha.

    Enter Come, Seeling Night.

    Once again, this is a brilliantly executed plot. Even the tangential subplot that becomes a thread to be untangled in the rest of the series is nicely place. It effects the plot of this book, sets up for the next book, and we move right along.

    In short, there’s nothing like C4 to cut through red tape.

    I’m not sure if I can add anything new to my review that isn’t a spoiler. Though I will admit that the historical aspects we have revealed to us over the course of the novel are very interesting.

    And if you think I mean a mention here or there, no. There are whole characters who are historical references. I think I have about or or three figured out.

    But yeah, a lot of what impressed me about this book was the setup for everything to come. It almost feels like a three-book origin story.

    Yeah, I know it almost feels like cheating that I’m saying so little. But everything interesting really is a spoiler… and I read the ARC for this book months ago, and I’m a bit rusty trying to catch up to my book reviews.

    And damn does Paxton want to be Harry Dresden when he grows up… if he grows up. Right down to pissing off everybody he meets. And if anything ever happens to Butcher (God forbid), Humphreys can Sanderson in as replacement quite well.

    And I like the punchline. Very Terry Goodkind…. except for the speeches. There are no speeches.

    This is perfect. Read it.

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