Demons are Forever

Love at First Bite Book 2


Demons are Forever

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The Dragon Award nominated series continues!

Marco has faced legions of Vampires. Now he faces something even worse.
San Francisco.

Marco and Amanda saved Brooklyn. But Marco still can’t face his love for Amanda. He would only drag her down into his personal darkness.

So he packs his bags and goes to help Merle with San Francisco’s little Vampire problem. Violence is what he’s good at, after all. Even if it means leaving his beloved New York for the Bay City.

But they’re stronger together, even if neither one of them will admit it. When Mister Day, a creature far beyond a vampire, comes for them, they can no longer afford to be apart.

Mister Day cannot be killed. He cannot be imprisoned. Alone they’ll certainly die. Even together they can’t hope to fight a monster like him.

But they’ve got to try anyway. If it costs him his life, Marco will keep Amanda alive. No matter what, he will make sure she survives Mr. Day.

Will Amanda have to face the rest of her life alone? Or will Marco find some way to kill Mr. Day?

Declan Finn continues Amanda and Marco’s adventures with his flair for property destruction, guns, and yes, explosions. Readers will love the quirky new characters and the will they or won’t they drama of Marco and Amanda.

Don’t miss this installment where all the violence, mayhem, and romance come to a new city. Read Demons Are Forever now.

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