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Harry Dresden’s sorcery goes on a Supernatural-style road trip. Cool car sold separately.

Paxton Locke is the son of a Witch.

Family drama is bad enough without adding human sacrifice to the mix. Ten years ago, his mother killed his father in a grisly ritual that Paxton interrupted. Now he criss-crosses the countryside in his RV working as a paranormal investigator while Mother languishes in jail. She’ll never forgive him for interfering…or for stealing her spellbook.

It started as a normal job for Paxton. At least as normal as speaking to ghosts ever was. But then the terrified shade of a murdered boy warns him of a dangerous, newly-freed entity, and suddenly he has to talk to Mother again to save the day.

In a battle for his very soul, will he be able to endure – or simply fade away?

Dragon Award nominee Daniel Humphreys’ urban fantasy debut brings all the best elements of Supernatural and the Dresden Files, written with his typical engaging style and evocative prose. Avid fans of the genre will be satisfied with the sarcasm, quips, and pop culture jokes found in Fade. Not to mention the spells, action and family drama.

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  1. Benjamin I. Espen (verified owner)

    This book scratched an itch I didn’t know I had. It struck me as similar to a Tim Powers book, if Tim wrote adventures with a hint of satire instead of secret histories. Apparently I had been looking for a tale of good and evil in an occult setting. This book is it.

    Paxton Locke sees dead people. Fortunately for him, he can also make them go away, using the mental compulsion he calls the push. Which is the basis for his business. For a reasonable fee [50% deposit up front please!] he will cleanse your home of lingering presences. Except for the wrinkle that his only paying customers are nutters. On the rare occasion he finds a real ghost, he does the job for free. Paxton is a grifter, albeit one with an uneasy conscience and some real powers.

    He’s got a gig that pays the bills, and one that offers him enough freedom to try to escape his past. Unfortunately for him, his past might not be done with him yet. When his latest real job leads Paxton to a trail of breadcrumbs that points to an obviously occult destination, he knows that he needs help from an expert. Which means dealing with Mother.

    Fade has a nice balance of the familiar and the eldritch. Paxton grew up in small town America, and now frequents RV parks and Wal-mart parking lots in a nomadic existence. But he also has magical powers that arise in some fashion from his mother’s ritual killing of his father. This world might be grim without relief, except that Paxton gets the opportunity to blaze away at the forces of evil with his boomstick too.

    Shop smart!

    I have in general avoided anything described as urban fantasy, which to be honest I think I conflated with paranormal romance. However, when I look at the wikipedia article, and the covers of the top sellers on Amazon, and I think that my confusion is understandable. Fade isn’t a sparkly vampire story. While it does have a hint of a relationship to come, first and foremost it is an adventure set in a world almost like our own, if all the monsters of fable of legend were real.

    Who or what exactly keeps the world as normal as it is will be an interesting development as the series goes on. I found this book a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing what kind of trouble Paxton finds himself in next.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout. But I also bought it a few weeks before that. So there.

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  2. tjamarquis (verified owner)

    Delivers on the blurb, and more. I would say the author’s description is great for letting you know what you’re in for, but the best parts of the story at hand are the bits where he reaches beyond influential material like Supernatural and Harry, and makes the genre his own. Great setups and payoffs, and juicy promises going into the next book.

    If the blurb got you, what are you looking at this for? Buy it! If you’re on the fence, just think what it’d be like to be an RV piloting wizard. Let’s go!

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  3. declanfinninc (verified owner)

    This is the spiritual successor to Jim Butcher. These people are some awesome writers, and I’ve been hip deep in writing my little heart out. Gah. It’s a bit frustrating.

    Anyway, time for a ghost story.

    Welcome to Fade.

    Frankly, the last line isn’t branding. It’s fairly accurate … and despite having his own family drama, Paxton Locke is no where near as angsty as the Winchester brothers, whose own angsty BS killed any interest I had in Supernatural, no matter how good the plots were.

    Let’s skip to the short version: This is NOT a Dresden knockoff, but a successor. He wanders like the Winchesters, has a motorcycle like half of 80s action heroes, and an RV like … no one. No one has an RV. Except for a season of Midnight, Texas, the TV show.

    Sure, there are a lot of similarities between Dresden and Locke. Locke is a snarky SOB who uses a lot of quips and media references, as well as guns. Hell, he even gets beaten up like Dresden, though Locke is better at fixing himself. That’s about where the similarities end…. Also, the first client in the novel is a woman named Shirley Jackson, and her house is haunted.

    Did I mention that the author is a smartass?

    But seriously, I’ve read Dresden knockoffs. THIS is the descendent of Harry Dresden.

    I like Fade’s magic system. When it comes to most of these, I’ve never really noticed or felt a cost for the magic in each system. Here, the magic has a concrete cost that has echoes and impacts on our hero, and other people can see just how much it costs him. I even like his concept of ghosts, where they are less the soul of the departed and more like the echo of the pain and suffering they went through as they died…. usually in terrible, horrible ways.

    I even like the grimoire.

    Oh, yes, and the evil mother? Adjunct professor of cuneiform studies at the University of Chicago. Also, she was an evil vegan, which I know is redundant, but still. If you thought that Harry Dresden had family issues? Mommy dearest is freaking evil. And she has fan mail.

    The ending …. was a wonderful setup for book two, setting up a villain and introducing new elements to be explored in the next book. Including one thing I always noted Harry Dresden seemed to lack — more than just a local interest in magic. (Seriously, Jim, if you’re reading this, does everything go to Chicago? No where else in America? We’ve had magic destroy entire buildings in odd and bizarre ways, and no Feds have ever put two and two together?) Like Larry Correia’s MHI series, the Feds know there’s magic afoot. But they get developed more in book two.

    When I read Harry Dresden, if I didn’t have a three in one volume, I never would have finished the series. Fade is book one of the series, and it’s better than Storm Front or Fool Moon by Butcher. When I finished Fade, I was ready and rearing to go on book two. Granted, Butcher’s magnum opus is better, if only in metric tonnage, but give Daniel equal time in terms of decades, and we’ll see how they go toe to toe.

    If you don’t believe me about how awesome this is, read Fade and prove me wrong.

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  4. seasahutt (verified owner)

    I loved this story! Mr. Humphreys has a winner here! He takes magic and makes it believable. What an original concept!

    We meet Paxton Locke and instantly like his morals. He is a helper of those who cannot help themselves. He uses his powers for good because he has seen what happens when you abuse the gifts you are given. His mother is a whack job, most of us can relate to this, who has been very naughty and scarred our hero for life. He rises from the ashes of his pain and sets out to find his own path through the world. We love going on this adventure with him. He is no Harry Potter, but he is a wizard. He is relevant and unique. He gives us some insight into the toll magic takes on him physically, emotionally and mentally.
    Mr. Humphreys has an action packed thrill ride that I highly recommend!

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