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Emilia King has made an art of bad choices. Just ask her mother, she’ll tell you every single thing she’s done wrong for years.

When her latest bad choice changes the locks to their apartment and leaves all her stuff on the doorstep, Emilia can’t bear to hear “I told you so” one more time. So she moves in with her grandfather. Then she can have some space to figure out who…and what she wants to be, without her mother breathing down her neck.

What she finds there is anything but peace. Her grandfather battles invisible creatures in the dark. Neighbors torn apart by wild beasts.

Not to mention the moody, gorgeous man across the street with the motorcycle. The kind of man that’s her kryponite.

But when her grandfather falls ill, his position of head of the Neighborhood Watch falls to her. And in this neighborhood, it’s more than measuring grass height or catching petty thefts.

As she uncovers her grandfather’s double life, his mistakes are coming back to stalk the neighborhood in the form of a vicious, shapeshifting beast. Thrust into a world of magic and monsters, Emilia is out of her depth.

Can she save the neighborhood? And do it without falling for the fae across the street?

Morgon Newquist moves into Urban Fantasy with this fast paced, witty urban fantasy series about an unusual Neighborhood Watch. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bella Forrest will love Hellgate’s female hero, handsome fae, and magical battles.

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  1. Brendon Laroche (verified owner)

    Sliver Empire is fast becoming my favorite publisher of urban fantasy. Except for Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files,” all my favorites are here: Declan Finn’s “Love at First Bite” and “Saint Tommy, NYPD;” Daniel Humphreys’ “Paxton Locke;” and Russell Newquist’s “The Prodigal Son.” So when I heard that Morgon Newquist was writing a new urban fantasy series, I was expecting great things.

    And I was right.

    Now, to be completely honest, I had a little trepidation after reading the description of “Hellgate.” Urban fantasy and supernatural romance are obviously related genres. But I vastly prefer the former to the latter. I prefer supernatural action to humans and not-so-humans making eyes at each other.

    I shouldn’t have worried Emilia’s feelings for the slightly-jerky biker across the street and the slightly-emo P.I. next door serve to develop her character, both by giving us an insight into her past and showing how she grows with regard to the new world of the preternatural that she has suddenly encountered through her Pa.

    Emilia is a great protagonist. She has her own baggage from her past and her family. She is obviously shocked at the reality of the world and magic, monsters, and demons in which she suddenly finds herself. But even though she is tempted at times to shut her eyes and throw in the towel, she forges ahead. And she does this with the just the right amount of struggle and introspection to make it believable without bogging the story down in agonized brooding.

    This is an excellent first novel in what promises to be an interesting series. It introduces us to the world and characters, sets up future developments, and does all this while telling a fun and immersive story that will keep you reading. “Neighborhood Watch” is yet another Silver Empire entry onto my list of favorite urban fantasy series. Highly recommended, especially if you’d like a little more romance without sacrificing any monster slaying.

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  2. Richard Altstatt (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent! The story grabs you from page one and keeps you interested all the way to the last. I can’t wait for the next one.

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