Honor at Stake

Love at First Bite Book 1

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Honor at Stake
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One is a heartless, bloodthirsty killer. The other is a vampire.

A 2016 Dragon Award Finalist

Amanda Colt spends her days alone. She prefers solitude to other people, rarely finding anyone to catch her interest. Books and fencing fill her time.

Until she meets Marco. He doesn’t fit in, just like her. In fact, he seems to be a man out of time. With medieval manners, a gang that fears him, and a mind like a computer, Amanda has never met anyone like him. But for all his magnetic appeal, she can tell he’s hiding something from her.

But Amanda has a secret too. And as she and Marco grow closer, it plunges them into New York’s supernatural underworld. Marco brings mayhem and romance to Amanda’s serene world, and she finds herself falling for him, faults and all.

Bodies are turning up all over New York. Only Amanda and Marco can stem the flow of corpses, and more and more vampires are rising every night.

Can Amanda and Marco save New York? Or even scarier, admit their growing feelings for one another?

Fans of Declan Finn will find all his typical explosions, action and Catholic world-building wrapped in a New York Vampire giftbag. Both Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance readers will love his foray into the bloody, holy water filled world of the undead.

Join Amanda and Marco as they fight legions of newly born Vampires in Brooklyn. Read Honor At Stake today!

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Declan Finn

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  1. Russell Newquist (verified owner)

    I have to admit, when I first heard “Catholic vampires” I thought, “That’s a really dumb idea.” But not only did Finn make this into something extremely interesting and philosophical, but he also pulled it off with his signature brand of crazy action. Oh, and I think there’s a romance in there somewhere.

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  2. Adena Lee (verified owner)

    This novel takes the Catholic position on the effects of sin, free will and the eucharist and logically spins an astonishingly original take on the vampire myth that explains why so many contradictory varients of vampires are recorded in the myths of the world. Any vampire fiction fans need to read this book; just do NOT expect sparkles.

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