Immaculate Corpse

Purity Wellman Book 2

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Immaculate Corpse
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The devil hasn’t killed Purity Wellman yet.

But he’s still got time. Life isn’t going to settle down for Purity anytime soon. She might have killed the dark pastor and his demons, but the fallout from the fight is still plaguing her. At least now she’s got her own motorcycle, courtesy of the vampire she killed during her first week out of the Underworld.

It looks like her old enemy Don Bello is behind everything. He’s coming for Purity and what remains of her family.

And for anyone that has ever dared help them in their fight. Her brother’s friends and allies are brutally murdered, and it won’t be long before they find her. Purity must push aside her terrible memories of being the devil’s prisoner and fight back. That’s what the Wellmans always do. The devil’s work is never finished and the family business is never done.

The second Purity Wellman book picks up right where the last one ended, in the middle of the mystery, magic and battle against evil. Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Sookie Stackhouse in Purity Wellman, a fish-out-of-water resurrected girl trying to find her place in a creepy Appalachian American Gods universe.

Can Purity win against the devil? Or will he claim her soul as his own again?

Read Immaculate Corpse today and find out!

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Hawkings Austin


The devil hasn’t killed Purity Wellman yet.

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  1. seasahutt (verified owner)

    This lovely work of Urban Fantasy was created by Hawkings Austin. Mr. Austin has done it again! Pure Poison was fantastic, but Immaculate Corpse is another hit!

    Mr. Austin picks up right where he left off in Pure Poison without skipping a beat. He takes us on a new adventure with Purity that is entertaining and imaginative. We get to meet new characters and old ones in new ways. We get to learn more of what Purity is capable of with both the powers she is imbued with and emotionally as well. She learns the fate of her brother. She makes new friends and finds her power in music.

    One of the best things about Mr. Austin’s writing is that I can actually ‘see’ what he is describing. He gives us sights and sounds and smells that pull us into the story. When Purity is riding on her ‘Beast’, I can actually feel the wind blowing through my hair. We feel Purity’s fear and her elation. We cry with her when she’s hurting and lost and celebrate with her when she’s victorious!

    I highly recommend this high paced adventure and give it a 5 out of 5! We hope Mr. Austin continues his series with more of these great books!

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  2. Marvin Altstatt (verified owner)

    Very imaginative writing. Entertaining and leaves me looking for more.

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