The Saga of the Nano Templar Book 1



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The new military sci-fi epic from award winning author Jon Del Arroz!

The Templars battle for more than just defending a galactic empire and protecting countless worlds – they fight for eternal souls.

Drin is among the best soldiers the Templars have in their force. But after years of fighting, he can no longer justify the costs of war. He abandons his post, an act that puts him on the run from his own people. Left for dead on a desert world, he wanders the sand dunes until he discovers a city full of the poor and downtrodden, enslaved under the oppressive thumb of a Sekaran sheikh and his dangerous battlemages.

The slaves ask Drin to lead them in a revolution. He has the power to free these destitute people from their Sekaran overlords, but he has commited to a non-violent path. he can save through the sword, but is violence ever the answer?

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Jon Del Arroz

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