Live and Let Bite

Love at First Bite Book 3


Live and Let Bite

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Marco’s a ticking time bomb, and everyone around him knows it.

A 2017 Dragon Award finalist

The only woman who can bring him back from the edge is also the woman who lit his fuse.

Amanda has been gone for months, hunting down who sent the demon to attack her and Marco. Worried about her safety and unsure if she returns his infatuation, Marco spirals out of control. Obsessed with incinerating every last vampire in San Francisco, his internal darkness threatens to consume him.

But a thousand-year-old assassin is waiting in the wings to kill them both. An assassin that Amanda has fought before, and lost. This assassin never fails.

Will they be strong enough together to kill the vampire hunting them both?

And can Amanda save Marco from himself?

Declan Finn’s Dragon Award nominated series continues with its third installment. Readers will enjoy all the humor, kabooms, and action from the previous books while Amanda and Marco grow even closer.

Find out if Amanda can drag Marco back to the light. Read Live and Let Bite today.

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Declan Finn

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