Night’s Black Agents

Paxton Locke


Night’s Black Agents

Paxton got the crap kicked out of him foiling his mother’s plans, but even that isn’t enough to keep him in one place.

Mother is still on the loose after all, and there’s no telling what that evil witch is up to. With his new partner (don’t call her a sidekick!) Cassie, Paxton heads to Arizona to help an old police friend with a supernatural murder problem.

But Mother isn’t content to lay low now that she’s out of jail. She’s got a brand new coven, and she wants her grimoire back. Now. Nothing will stop her from getting her spellbook back, not even her son. Or the ancient stirring in its sleep in the Valley of the Sun.

Paxton’s faced witches, ghosts, and shadow demons, but can he handle an ancient god? With the lives of two young boys hanging in the balance, he can’t back down.

Daniel Humphreys continues the Paxton Locke series out in the desert, taking all the magic, intrigue and adventure from Book One and turning it up to eleven. Readers will love the return of old characters, and love the new additions as Paxton continues his supernatural road trip.

Find out if Paxton can save the day and face Mother again. Read Night’s Black Agents today!

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Daniel Humphreys

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