Overlooked Again

The Phoenix Ring Book 2

Heroes Unleashed Book 6

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Overlooked Again
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For the first time in his life, Joe isn’t forgotten.

After the victory against The Phoenix Ring, Joe has found a family of sorts in the Order of Saint Hadrian. He has a purpose, a plan, and a beautiful woman who remembers him. Life is looking good.
While the Serenity City cabal is in tatters, the Phoenix Ring operatives across the country in Halo City are tightening their grip. They’re about to steal an election. While the local villains are reeling, Joe and Celeste head to California to disrupt the Ring’s new scheme.
But The Phoenix Ring hasn’t survived for centuries by playing softball. Joe is the ghost they can’t forget, the man they won’t overlook. They bring in a dangerous Prime that can see Joe to hunt him.
Now Joe is the one on the run, and the clock is ticking away before the election. Can he find the First Magus and save the election in Halo City? Or will the Phoenix Ring get to him first? Read Overlooked Again today and find out!
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Jon Mollison, Thomas Plutarch

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  1. Xavier Basora (verified owner)

    I perused Jon’s Twitter when he announced the follow up to Overlooked. I was taken by surprised and so happy I dropped everything and immediately bought it.
    The second book is very pulp. The action is very faced paced and managed to finish it in 1 day. It’s that compelling and the cliched expression a real page turner is apt.
    The story continues from the first where Joe, Celeste and the Order of St Hadrien are killing off the board members to further disrupt the Phoneix ring. The beginning is such an hommage to James Bond it immediately hooked me. But wait! There’s more, this novel introduced one of the most striking villans in the Heros Unleashed universe: l’Hibou (owl). He’s a match to Joe and just as cunning. Throughout the book there’s a cat and mouse of cunning and intelligent antagonists that really drive the story.
    But wait! There’s a bonus! The plot brings back an old friend, not a person but a city: Halo city! That immediately got my attention. Now I knew they wouldn’t have a cameo of another old friend but secondary characters who get a totally different experience and seen from a distinct point of view. Enriching the already latent richness and exposing a rich and varied world building

    The story also has a number of revelations about the Order, the threat the Phoneix ring really represents as its otherworldy. And of course the growing love between Joe and Celeste ending with not just an obvious denouement but introduces a new phase in their lives. I look forward to the next book just to see not only what happens to them but who’s really behind the Phoneix ring.

    I highly recommend the novel. I’m not sure if this one open Phase 2 but even if it doesn’t’ readers will really enjoy it.

    My only gripe is that it ended so quickly but then it’s book 2 where the chess pieces and plot are being manuevered to the next phase. It accomplishes its task. It entertained me, enthralled me and intrigued me throughout the novel. Never a dull moment; never a drag to read.

    Very highly recommended.

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  2. Benjamin I. Espen (verified owner)

    Joe Smith, the forgotten man, returns in Jon Mollison’s Overlooked Again. Joe finally faces a true nemesis, a Prime with preternaturally keen hearing and sight, not to mention Gallic unflappability. This is also the first book two in the Heroes Unleashed universe, so we get to see Joe play in Halo City, the setting of another book in the series. Finally, we also begin to see the true nature of Joe’s enemies, the Phoenix Ring, and just how far they are willing to go in their drive for power.

    Fast-paced would be a bit of an understatement when describing Overlooked Again. In true pulp style, Joe rockets from one adventure to another, crossing the breadth of the United States twice, and even being whisked away to Merry Old England by a nefarious servant of his enemies.

    Things move equally fast between Joe and Celeste, the only woman who sees Joes [well, most of the time]. Raising a family is difficult in a dangerous profession, but I’m sure they’ll figure something out. After all, if being a Prime is heritable, staying hidden should be a snap.

    Or, maybe not, since it turns out that the Phoenix Ring dabbles in powers far beyond those of Primes. Joe’s allies in the Order of St. Hadrian can perhaps help him, but he doesn’t yet know if he can trust them. An odd position to be in for a man who is accustomed to not really existing.

    I found this book a quick read, and a fun one. I very much wanted to see what happened next, and can’t wait for book three. In the meanwhile, we should have lots of other adventures in Heroes Unleashed to keep us busy.

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  3. Steve Kay (verified owner)

    Jon has actually written Grey Man the book. Guy who can disappear, but is highly competent. Great under-powered super hero novel. Jon is also very good at mixing in fun and positive romance elements to spice up the story.

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  4. declanfinninc (verified owner)

    The old poem goes

    There was a man upon the stair
    A little man who wasn’t there
    He wasn’t there again today
    Oh how I wish that he would go away.

    He’s back and he’s armed in Overlooked Again

    Yes, this is the return of superhero Joe Smith, Jon Mollison’s contribution to Silver Empire’s Heroes Unleashed series. And dang is it fun. His Phoenix Ring series may be the best part of the universe in a neck and neck race with Kai Wai Cheah’s Hollow City thread… though that may be unfair, since Mollison and Cheah are the ones who I have read two books of (No, Cheah’s next book isn’t released yet. But I had early access. Heh heh heh). And at this time, there are two other authors who I haven’t read yet.

    In Overlook, Joe Smith, a prime with the power to be ignored, encountered the Phoenix Ring, a grand conspiracy that looks like if Dean Koontz designed the Illuminati,** and bringing in an element of The Man who was Thursday. But Joe also found a counter conspiracy. After crushing the ring in Serenity City, now, Joe has been quietly keeping the ring in its place — in the graveyard.

    But like any good villain, the Phoenix Ring has its own counter move. Because they found not only one, but two people who can pierce Joe’s powers, and hunt him down. So it’s a good idea for Joe to leave town for a little bit.

    Joe’s new mission: go to Halo City (last seen in Cheah’s Hollow City) and make certain that the Phoenix Ring can’t rig an election for alderman.

    But the Phoenix Ring hasn’t gotten to where they are by lying down. They have all the forces of governments behind them. And Joe Smith is their primary target.

    Overlooked Again is fun as much for what it does as what happens in the plot. The book is well written, obviously. As I said, I think there are a few references to The Man who was Thursday, some bad puns (The Phoenix Ring runs Firebird Industries? Ugh. How did I forget that from the first book?).

    And the villains. How could anyone forgot how absolutely evil these bastards are? They lack the mustache twirling of the most recent Dean Koontz novels, but they are no less pure evil. Imagine if the Chicago Machine was the tool of Satan… No jokes, please. I’m saving that for another novel I’m writing.

    But what happens when a former sniper becomes the man who wasn’t there? He becomes a ninja. No, I’m not really joking. You’ll see him in action in the first chapter. Which starts out as very by the book, and ends in a tense, and interesting chase.

    In the middle of all of that, Jon Mollison pulls off an excellent data dump that both recaps the last book, tells the reader what’s been happening since then, and does it all without reducing a bit of tension. It’s information discussion on par with David Weber (Or, see: David Weber orders a pizza)

    Along the way, Jon has two interesting people after our hero. The first is a French hunter, the Owl, a prime who can hunt Joe, and fight him to a standstill. The other is … well, you’ll have to read it to get it, but it’s a lead in to what Jon does with this book.

    While I am not able to track what phases the Heroes Unleashed universe is in with this book (probably phase two), we have now entered the phase where there is overlap between the main heroes we’re working with. It really begins to show off the shared universe all these players live in. No, I don’t mean simply that Joe goes to the city created and written by Kai Wai Cheah, but this is also a world where the Atlantean (and Lovecraftian) magic of Richard Watts is an active threat.

    And of course, they’re all out to get Joe. They lead to moments where my only note was just “Aw f***”

    The writing is also enjoyable. Little comments and phrases, like how “he could have completed the ensemble, but he would have stuck out like a disco ball in Church.” Though I hear some megachurches already have those…

    I also liked the very casual “You can’t just murder your way out of this problem.”

    And everyone here is well written. The villains are colorful and three dimensional. The supporting cast beautifully compliments our hero. And the upper villains are pure bastards.

    Anyway, it’s all very well executed, and I look forward to reading the next one.


    **Yes, I have read the Jane Hawk series, where he had something like the Illuminati. But this goes back much farther.

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