Silver Empire Book Club – EBook

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Silver Empire Book Club – EBook

​All the best fantasy, science fiction, and genre fiction in your preferred format – and savings to match!

How does the Silver Empire Book Club work?

  • ​You select your plan, and your preferred book format – EBooks, Paperbacks, or Hardcovers
  • ​We give you enough credits every month ​for a new book in your format.
  • ​You get awesome new books to read!

What if I want a different format this month?

Your credits are completely interchangeable! Most books cost 1 credit for an ebook, 4 credits for a paperback, and 9 credits for a hardcover. Signed up for the hardcover plan, but you want to buy two paperbacks instead this month? No problem! On the ebook plan but you want a paperback instead? Just save 4 credits for it!

What if I don’t like this month’s new releases?

No problem! Your credits are good for any* book in our store!, including our extensive back catalog. Don’t like this month’s book? Pick up one of our older books! Or, since your credits never expire, hold on to them until next month for that new release you just can’t miss!
​* Some of our ebooks are enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Due to their terms and conditions, we’re not allowed to sell those books to you directly in ebook format. We rotate books in and out of this program, so if there’s a book you really want, ​it will eventually be available.This restriction does not apply to print books – ​all​ of our print books are always available through our store.​​​​
We recommend that ebook level subscribers check availability of their preferred titles before subscribing.
All new Silver Empire releases are made available to book club members ​first​ before they go live on Amazon.​​​
​Can’t get the ebook you want because it’s in Kindle Unlimited? Let us know!
​​Want us to take ​all​ of our books out of Kindle Unlimited? Join our affiliate program and help us reach our subscriber goals so that we can do exactly that!​​​​​​

​What about audiobooks and comics?

​At this time the Silver Empire Book Club does not support audiobooks or comics. But check back with us later this year!

​What about shipping?

Shipping on print books is included in your book club price!

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  1. Xavier Basora (verified owner)

    This is such a great initiative. As soon as I found out about it, I immediately subscribed as I’ve bought books from the publisher and really enjoyed them. I’m also pleased that I can choose my preferred ebook format as well as credist never expiring. The flexibility to choose the various formats is reallly generous and puts the traditional publishers on notice.
    All in all the book club is a great platform to encourage independent publishing and authours.
    I look forward to adding to my library.


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  2. Shelly Stewart (verified owner)

    I like being apart of this book club, because I am getting books that I really enjoy. The selection is quite varied through different genes. They have treated me really well by helping me with a download issue I was having and reimbursing me for my troubles. They didn’t have to do that since I did get my book.

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  3. CHRISTOPHER DINOTE (verified owner)

    I’d support this project just on principle, even if I wasn’t already a fan of many of the authors and works. This is a business model that other publishing houses ought to emulate.

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  4. Xavier Basora (verified owner)

    Since my last review, I’ve been able to buy many books at a lower price. Further, I’ve even been able to use my credits to buy the books I wanted. The purchase process with credits is very simply and straightforward. No gimmicks, limits, blackout dates.

    Finally, a book club that looks out for the customers instead of the publishing company

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