The Door Into Nowhere

Tales of the Unwithering Realm Book 1

The Door Into Nowhere
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All Ilya Muromets wanted to do was save the girl.

Maybe Penny would get his name right as he swooped in to rescue her from her mad scientist father’s machine. And then they’d get married and live happily ever after.
Armed with only a squirrel gun and a samurai sword, he manages to fall into another world entirely. Alone.
Without saving Penny.
Ilya must fight his way through a nightmarish place called Uncreation, a nothing between something he doesn’t understand, to save himself and Penny. If he can even find her again.

And in that alien space, he’ll start to realize why his family never worried about his death, a secret his parents have hidden from him his entire life.

Science Fiction Grandmaster John C. Wright leads readers through a break-neck coming of age story as Ilya rushes to rescue the girl and save the world. His trademark imaginative world and over-the-top action will delight fans of his work.

Can Ilya escape the Uncreation and find Penny? And what else awaits him in this new world beyond the Door into Nowhere?

Read The Door Into Nowhere today to find out!

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The Door Into Nowhere

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