The Dragon and His Wrath

Paxton Locke Book 5

The Dragon and His Wrath
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England is under the thrall of a dragon, and Pax can do nothing about it.

Still in shock from the disastrous fight with Alesteir Knight, Pax is grounded. Ordered to do nothing as England falls into chaos, Pax is left with little to do but focus on the yawning hole in his life.

The supernatural never takes a break, however, and soon he is embroiled in a fight with the Void that reaches the very top of the US Government.

And Pax, who has never been able to let anything go, no matter the cost, is not going to leave England to its fate. Even if it means going against everyone he loves and respects.

Can Pax find a way to kill a nigh-invincible legendary beast? Or will his revenge be the end of him and everything he’s achieved? Read The Dragon and His Wrath now and find out.

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Daniel Humphreys

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