Book Series by Silver Empire

Russian Assassins
Murder & Mystery
Religious Intrigue

Stuntman and bodyguard Sean A.P. Ryan has a unique history and unique skills. He'll need them all when Russian Assassins attack his latest client -
The Pope!

From Dragon Award nominated author

Modern Knights
Flaming Swords

Peter Bishop didn't set out to become a Knight. Who does, in the modern world? Then the flaming sword of an archangel dropped in his lap and changed his life forever.

Step into the world of Peter Bishop  by

Treasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin Key

Hidden Kingdoms
Ancient Treasures
Warrior Princes

Deep in the mountains, the kingdom of Dodrazeb lies hidden from the world... until a dangerous assassin sets Prince Rasteem on a collision course with destiny!

Join Prince Rasteem on his epic adventures by


Alis liked her library. She liked the quiet. She liked the books. Then the Cahan came into her life. Things just haven't been the same since they fought that dragon together!

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