Shipping Policies

Here at Silver Empire, we feel it’s important to be as transparent as possible about our shipping and delivery policies on all of our books. So here are the things you should know before you order from us.

EBook Delivery

All eBooks ordered directly from us are delivered immediately via BookFunnel. You should have an e-mail within minutes of completing your order with full instructions on how to download and read your eBook.

EBooks and Amazon

All of our eBooks are available on Amazon. Some of our eBooks are available from our own online store and other non-Amazon retailers.


The answer is that we’d prefer for you to have the choice to buy our books your way, from whatever retailer you prefer – Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, or even straight from us.

Amazon, however, does not want you to have that option. If we enroll our books in Kindle Unlimited, that means we’re not allowed to sell you a digital version anywhere other than Amazon. For some of our readers, this is perfectly fine. You read all your books on Kindle anyway, and maybe you’re even a Kindle Unlimited subscriber who likes being able to get the books for effectively free. We don’t mind! We get paid for that, too – and so do our authors.

But many of you use different devices to read, or don’t like Amazon, or whatever. And that’s fine, too! Except that we can’t be in Kindle Unlimited and sell on other stores at the same time. So you’ll find some of our eBooks available here, and some only on Amazon.

You will, however, always find our print books available here!

All Books Are Print on Demand

All of our dead-tree books at Silver Empire are print on demand. That means the book doesn’t print until you order it. We’re simply too small still to make large print runs make any kind of economic sense. And, frankly… we’ve got a really great deal with our printer, so it may never make sense.

This does mean that it’ll take a little longer for your books to get to you than from some other retailers.

Our books ship straight to you, direct from the printer, for fastest possible delivery. Our normal “super saver” shipping method ships via US Media Mail, which takes 5-7 business days to arrive. Unfortunately, our printer also takes 5-7 business days for normal printing.

All of our other shipping options add rush-printing to your print job. This gets your printing done within 2 business days, and will get your books to you much faster. Unfortunately, our printer charges us extra for this, and we can’t eat that on our current price structure.

The good news is that as we grow, we will be able to make this standard in the future. We’re working to make this happen as quickly as possible.